Everything You Could Know about Conduit in Spellbreak Beta 30.4 (Full Guide) (Basics and Advanced)

This 50 minute video includes teaches literally everything you’d ever need to know about Conduit. (In Spellbreak Beta 30.4)

I’ve been playing SB since Pre-Alpha and maining conduit since patch 30 released. There’s something in this video that everyone from new players to veterans can learn from.

Feel free to look at the sections in the timestamps and watch only the parts that interest you 😀

I know its long, so skip to whichever parts will help you the most 🙂


0:00 Pre-Intro
1:03 Intro
1:36 Everything I’ll Teach

2:08 Potential Energy (Skill 1)
2:45 Overload (Skill 2)
3:13 You Have 2 Rune Cooldowns
3:38 Rune Swapping Basics
5:22 Power Surge (Skill 3)
5:53 Secondary Strike (Skill 4)

6:29 Best Usage of the Epic Runes
8:29 Best Usage of the Rare Runes
11:55 Best Usage of the Uncommon Runes
13:42 ShyGuySensei’s Featherfall Tips
16:33 Rune Tier List (Viability Rankings on Conduit)
18:14 How To Avoid Teleport Bug

20:53 Item Optimization
– 20:53 Amulet
– 23:14 Boots
– 24:40 Belts

25:55 Gauntlet Optimization & Tier List
– 26:14 Frost (A- Tier)
– 27:20 Fire (S Tier)
– 28:34 Stone (B Tier)
– 30:39 Wind (C- Tier)
– 32:15 Toxic (S Tier)

33:17 Conduit Sample Builds
– 33:17 Frost Shadowstep (Gauntlet Swap)
– 34:47 My Build (Rune Swap)
– 36:51 Flight Aoe (Sorcery Cheese)
– 39:32 Chrono Cheese (Not Viable)

Bringing It All Together
41:35 How Not to Use Conduit
46:11 How To Conduit
47:17 Outro
48:46 How to know if you’re a Conduit main yet

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Player’s Lounge Discord (the scrim event from the wolf&teleport clips):
ShyGuySensei (featherfall clips): twitch.tv/shyguysensei
TopRamenSDK(Shadowstep tracking clip): twitch.tv/topramensdk

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Everything You Could Know about Conduit in Spellbreak Beta 30.4 (Full Guide) (Basics and Advanced)

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